BrownMag Coffee Wafer with Protein 12 pcs Box

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BrownMag Coffee Wafer with Protein 12 pcs Box
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BrownMag Coffee Wafer with Protein 12 pcs Box:

  • Delicious protein wafer with choco coffee flavor
  • Coffee extract enriched to provide better performance
  • The perfect addition to a balanced diet

BrownMag Coffee Wafer with Protein
Choco Coffee Flavoured Protein Bar

NUTRITION FACTS per 40 g (1 wafer) per 100 g
Energy 830kJ/200 kcal 2074kJ/499 kcal
Fats 13,6 g 34 g
- of which saturated 12,4 g 31 g
Total carbohydrates 13,6 g 34 g
- of which sugar 0,6 g 1,6 g
- of which polyols 8,8 g 22 g
Fiber 1,16 g 2,9 g
Proteins 9,6 g 24 g
Salt 0,05 g 0,12 g
Cоffее extract (contains caffeine*) 8 mg 20 mg

Protein (whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate), cocoa coating (non-hydrogenated palm oil; sweeteners: maltitol, erythritol; cocoa mass, low-fat cocoa powder; emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavor: vanilla; coconut oil, sweeteners: maltitol, erythritol, steviol glycosides; waffles (wheat flour, water, puff: baking soda), low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavoring, coffee 0,5%.

Excessive consumption can cause a laxative effect.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, and protected from direct sunlight place with temperature up to 25°C. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the package. *Contains caffeine (20 mg per 100 g). Do not take if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. Keep out of reach of children.