d'Zyme - Multienzymes Complex - 60 tablets х 150 mg

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d'Zyme - Multienzymes Complex - 60 tablets х 150 mg EN
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d'Zyme - Multienzymes Complex - 60 tablets х 150 mg:

  • Digestive system support
  • Supports the digestion of milk and lactose
  • Supports the digestion of proteins and fiber rich food
  • Supports the digestion of fats
  • Helps the body to absorb nutrients

Multienzymes Complex
60 tablets, 150 mg
Food Supplement

What is d'Zyme?

d'Zyme is a combination of five digestive enzymes – amylase, neutral protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase in a multienzyme complex. d'Zyme is a nutrition supplement, which supports digestive processes and metabolic functions, adding important digestive enzymes in an active combination.

Correct absorption and breakdown of nutritious substances (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) happen due to the action of different digestive enzymes and compounds. These enzymes and compounds are secreted by the salivary glands and by other digestive glands, such as the pancreas and liver. The process of secreting enzymes is not an isolated one, which means that it is functionally dependent on a balanced diet and way of life.

If this process is disrupted, then a disbalance occurs between enzyme production and necessity. This is why it is important that the quantity of secreted enzymes be adequate or be such to cover the necessity which maintains the optimal function.

Multienzyme complex – amylase, neutral protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase


Amylase is a group of enzymes secreted by the pancreas (the so-called pancreatic α-amylase) and the salivary glands (the so-called salivary α-amylase). Their role is to break down polysaccharides into glucose and maltose (for instance starch of monosaccharides or simple sugars).

Neutral protease

Protease is a generic term for a group of enzymes synthesised by the pancreas. Their function is connected with the hydrolisation (breakdown) of proteins to small peptides and amino acids. These pancreatic enzymes are important both for correct digestion and for a number of other vital processes.


Cellulase is the name of a group of enzymes not produced in the human body. Cellulase enzymes break down cellulose (cellulose molecule), cellulose products and fibers to monosaccharides.


This group of enzymes converts lactose, i.e., lactase enzymes break down the connections between galactose and lactose in the body. Lactase enzymes are essential for preventing the symptoms accompanying lactose intolerance, a condition resulting from the lack of lactase enzymes.


Chemical synthesis of these enzymes takes place in the pancreas. Pancreatic lipase enzymes break down triglycerides into fatty acids and monoglycerides. Lipase enzymes have a great importance for movement and for preformation of fats altogether. Decreased synthesis of digestive enzymes due to errors in the diet or changes in the model of nutrition can decrease digestive capacity. This has a negative impact on the correct assimilation of nutritious substances and can result in serious digestive and metabolic disturbances.

d'Zyme multienzyme complex supplies the body with the necessary enzymes, the synthesis of which can be greatly decreased in case of taking immunosuppressive or antibiotic medication, as well as after operations.

d'Zyme multienzyme complex can assist in relieving metabolic and digestive disturbances caused by deficiency of specific digestive enzymes. One example of this is cellulase – it is not produced by the body; however, it is necessary for breaking down cellulose and cellulose products.

d'Zyme multienzyme complex is appropriate and recommended for people with lactose intolerance, which is the result of a deficiency of lactase enzymes. 

Administering d'Zyme multienzyme complex:

  • It assists the digestive system and its functions.
  • It helps the absorption of essential nutritious substances, such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
  • It helps the breakdown of proteins, lactose, starch and cellulose.
  • It contributes to reducing the “toxic load” of the body. 

Intake of d'Zyme

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1 tablet
Supply: 60 days
Quantity: 60 tablets

Per serving size / daily dose - 1 tablet:
Multienzyme complex - 150 mg
amylase - 26620 DU/g
neutral protease - 7080 PC/g
cellulase - 1250 CU/g
lactase - 4960 ALU/g
lipase - 250 FIP/g

Effect: Supports the digestive system.

Ingredients* Multienzyme complex - amylase, neutral protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase.

Suggested daily intake: Take 1 (one) tablet a day with a meal.

Suggested intake period: Take this product every day for up to 3 months (12 weeks). After an intermission of 2 weeks, you can repeat this cycle.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
*Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
*Do not use if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
*Food supplements must not replace a balanced and variable diet and a healthy lifestyle.
*Consult with your doctor before intake if you have underlying medical conditions or if you are on medication.

*Other ingredients: Prebiotic fiber - Fructo-oligosaccharides (GOFOS), Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, and protected from direct sunlight place with temperature up to 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.