Extreme Burner – 100 Capsules

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Extreme Burner – 100 Capsules
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Extreme Burner – 100 Capsules:

  • Combined with proper diet and sport, Extreme Burner facilitates the fat burning process
  • Helps to convert fatty acids into energy
  • Stimulates metabolism 
  •  Accelerates the flow of oxygen to the muscles
  • Has an antioxidant effect
  • Tones the body 
  •  Immune system support

Extreme Burner - 100 Capsules

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What is Extreme Burner?

Extreme Burner is a combination of L-Carnitine Tartrate, Ginger, and Green Tea Extract. Extreme Burner is a product that has been developed using a special technology of high-quality raw material combining valuable biologically active ingredients.

Main Benefits of L-Carnitine for the Body:

L-Carnitine is a non-protein amino acid (compound) that is synthesized independently in the human body. This synthesis occurs under the influence of some important vitamins such as C (ascorbic acid) and some B group vitamins (B3, B6). L-Carnitine is a vitamin-like element made from the essential amino acids lysine and methionine, which are indispensable and do not synthesize on their own.
L-Carnitine has a huge involvement in the mobility and transportation of the so-called mini chains of fatty acids to mitochondria. Mitochondria are two-membrane cell organelles whose function is to perform cellular respiration. In other words, they are responsible for energy production. This energy is produced in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the main energy source for the cell.

The presence of L-Carnitine in the body is a major and determining factor in the transport of fatty acids. It promotes the processing of fats and, moreover, their conversion into available energy in the body. This action of L-Carnitine consists in its ability to transport long-chain fatty acids (called triglycerides) to the mitochondria of each cell. In this way, fat becomes a major source of energy and is "burned". In addition to promoting subcutaneous fat burning, L-Carnitine helps to increase muscle endurance and boost energy levels. Another important feature is that it reduces hunger and has a tonic and energizing effect on the body. These properties make it an extremely preferred remedy for dieters and athletes alike.
L-Carnitine has the properties of minimizing the formation of lactic acid in the muscles and increasing the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. L-Carnitine also has powerful antioxidant properties that counteract the action of free radicals in the body.

Main benefits of Ginger for the body

The qualities of ginger have been discovered in antiquity. It is an extremely common and used tool because of them. Known in the distant past for its beneficial warming effect. Ginger is also known as isiot or ginger. It is believed to have been brought to Europe from India and China as early as the Middle Ages. It is widespread in Southeast Asia but is cultivated in many tropical countries. Its chemical composition contains carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C, healthy fats, and up to 2.0% of essential oils. Its sharp peppery taste is due to the presence of gingerol and shogaol (aromatic essential oils). For medical purposes, the rhizome is used, which is highly branched and flattened in appearance, and of extremely nutritious and valuable qualities. It is suitable for gastrointestinal disorders.

Its natural prophylactic effect on the stomach is explained by the fact that it has a stabilizing effect on the intestinal flora and prevents the possibility of the development of intestinal bacteria. In addition to counteracting temporary symptoms, it can help treat gastric ulcers, gastritis, and colitis, which is due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. In addition, ginger has the effectiveness of finding the perfect figure. Ginger helps regulate body weight by controlling blood sugar levels and supporting insulin.

Main Benefits of Green Tea Extract for the Body

It is well known that green tea is a powerful antioxidant. It helps to neutralize free radicals in the human body, ie. slows down aging.
The use of Green Tea stimulates the production of the hormone Noradrenaline, which in turn helps to burn calories quickly. Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which dissolve triglycerides in our liver and small intestines, and this leads to weight loss and body fat.
Green tea contains huge doses of vitamin C and vitamin R. Vitamin P strengthens the walls of the capillaries, reducing their fragility and breaking them down, especially in the elderly. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an important water-soluble vitamin that is vital to our body. Ascorbic acid is not synthesized individually in the human body, but at the same time, it is responsible for performing many functions.
Some of the qualities of Vitamin C are: boosting the immune system, assisting in the production of more collagen, assisting in the synthesis and transport of important micro-and macro-elements, and more.
Green Tea Extract has a refreshing effect and is recommended for fatigue and intense mental stress. It helps to increase the tone and sharpen the mind, which makes it extremely suitable for people undergoing mental stress.

Benefits of Extreme Burner Intake:

For Men:

  • Combined with the right diet and sport, Extreme Burner makes  burning fat easier;
  • Helps convert fatty acids into energy; 
  • Accelerates the flow of oxygen to the muscles; 
  • Gives strength for long and intense workouts; 
  • Facilitates recovery after severe physical stresses; 
  • Protects against muscle fever. 

For Women:

  • A powerful combination of three active ingredients to achieve the desired figure; 
  • Strong antioxidant action; 
  • Improves the body's tone and immune response; 
  • Stimulates metabolism; 
  • Helps the release of toxins from the body.

The product is manufactured according to ISO 9001.