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Herbal Flex
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Herbal Flex - 80 capsules:

  • Powerful immunostimulant;
  • Helps lose excess weight;
  • Strong antioxidant;
  • Aids digestion and absorption of food;
  • Has energizing and an overall refreshing effect;
  • Improves physical activity;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;

Herbal Flex - Ceylon Cinnamon, Tumeric Root & Ginger
80 capsules
Food Supplement

Herbal Flex
Herbal Flex is a nutritional supplement, a combination of turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. Each Herbal Flex capsule combines the activity of three plants, recognized for their powerful influence on the overall protection of the body. An effective way to maintain stable immunity and protect the body.

Main benefits of turmeric for the body

Turmeric is also known as the "golden spice from India". In composition, turmeric is similar to ginger, and because of its curcumin content and the like, it aids the body's positive immune response to inflammation and pain. It has been shown to have a beneficial effect in arthritic diseases and joint inflammation. Turmeric helps the body cope with depressive states and activates the immune system through its antioxidant properties.
It is thought to improve memory, concentration and digestion, relieve stomach pain, soothe irritated, reddened or inflamed skin. It is also used as a dietary supplement as it successfully tones, energizes and refreshes the body.

Main benefits of cinnamon for the body

The two most common types of cinnamon are the most common - Ceylon and Chinese (also called Cassia cinnamon). The two differ in color, taste and coumarin content. Ceylon cinnamon has a significant advantage over Chinese, its homeland is the island of Ceylon, but cultivated in southern India and Myanmar. For healing and purposes use the bark of the cinnamon tree or shrub. Ceylon cinnamon has a delicate and sweet taste, unlike Chinese, where the taste is more spicy and pungent, its color is also more pronounced.
Composition Ceylon cinnamon is rich in oils, carbohydrates, starch, mannitol and polyphenols. In addition, it has the minerals iron and calcium.
Ceylon cinnamon, or more specifically its root extract, is a preferred antimicrobial and antiviral agent and is recommended for the treatment of infections and inflammation. It is also used for colds and is used in various forms - in the form of extract or powdered powder. It speeds up the recovery processes in the body during and after illness.
Among nutritionists, cinnamon is famous for its effectiveness in finding the perfect figure. Ceylon cinnamon helps regulate body weight by controlling blood sugar levels by supporting insulin. Due to the substances included in the composition, cinnamon has been shown to successfully enhance immunity and have a warming effect on the body.

Main benefits of ginger for the body

  • Its qualities have been discovered in antiquity and it was widely used and used because of them.
  • Known in the distant past for its beneficial warming effect.
  • Ginger is also known as isiot or ginger.
  • It is believed to have been brought to Europe from India and China as early as the Middle Ages.
  • It is widespread in Southeast Asia, but is cultivated in many tropical countries.
  • Its chemical composition contains carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C, useful fats, and up to 2.0% of essential oils.

Its sharp peppery taste is due to the presence of gingerol and shogaol (aromatic essential oils). For medicinal purposes, the rhizome is used, which is highly branched and flattened in appearance, and of extremely nutritious and valuable qualities.
It is suitable for use in gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea, gas (flatulence), constipation, heartburn and vomiting. Its natural prophylactic effect on the stomach is explained by the fact that it has a stabilizing effect on the intestinal flora and prevents the possibility of the development of intestinal bacteria.In addition to counteracting temporary symptoms, it can help treat gastric ulcers, gastritis and colitis, which is due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.
It is also used for the treatment of colds and the management of unpleasant cold and flu symptoms. In the form of tea it is active against inflammation and respiratory tract infections, coughing, runny nose, acute sinusitis and fever.

What is Herbal Flex

  • Powerful immunostimulant;
  • Helps lose excess weight;
  • Strong antioxidant;
  • Aids digestion and absorption of food;
  • Has energizing and an overall refreshing effect;
  • Improves physical activity;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Accelerates the body recovery during and after illness;
  • Helps relieve joint pain;
  • Improves the body defense against bacteria;

Suitable in combination with other nutritional supplements and extracts.

Intake of Herbal Flex

Serving size:

1 capsules

Per container:

80 capsules

Amount per serving:

Ceylon Cinnamon(Cinnamomum v.) – 100mg.
Turmeric root(Curcuma longa) – 100mg.
Ginger root(Z.officinale) – 100mg.

Per daily dose:

Ceylon Cinnamon(Cinnamomum v.) – 200mg.
Turmeric root(Curcuma longa) – 200mg.
Ginger root(Z.officinale) – 200mg.


Ginger root – 100mg.; Turmeric root – 100mg.; Ceylon Cinnamon -100mg.

Recommended daily intake:

Take one (1) capsule twice a day after meals with a glass of water.

Recommended intake period:

For best results must be taken for 3 months (12 weeks). The cycle can be repeated after two weeks break.


Store in a dark and cool place. Keep out of reach of children!