Nettle Max - Nettle Root

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Nettle Max - Nettle Root
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Nettle Max - Nettle Root:

Benefits of Nettle Max:

  • Helps maintain stable levels of free testosterone in the body
  • Supports metabolism
  • Has a beneficial effect on the digestive and excretory systems
  • Improves the performance of the reproductive system in men

Nettle Max 

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What is Nettle Max

Nettle Max is a Nettle Root Extract. It helps maintain and raise free testosterone levels in the body. Higher and more stable levels of active free testosterone determine the proper functioning of many other systems in the body.
Nettle Max / nettle /:
Balances the overall performance of the hormonal system.
It promotes the proper function of the prostate. Helps prevent the development of inflammatory processes (enlargement of the prostate).
Increases libido and sexual power.
Improves sexual activity and endurance.
Normalizes cholesterol.
Helps metabolism.
It has a positive effect on the male reproductive system.
It acts as an aromatase inhibitor (the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen).

What is Free Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally synthesized in the human body. It comes in two forms - connected and free. As soon as it is synthesized and infused into the bloodstream, most of the total testosterone binds to the proteins globulin and albumin. This is what is called "bound testosterone". As a result of this process, its action is blocked and it becomes inactive - it does not perform the functions for which it is intended.
The remaining unrelated portion of total testosterone is free testosterone. It takes up a very small percentage of total testosterone in the body (about 10%). But it is he who is essential to health. It circulates in the blood in free form, manages to reach cells, activate their receptors and induce certain cellular responses.
Free testosterone is actually a biologically active hormone. It determines the formation of the main male sexual characteristics and characteristics - hair, muscle, radiation, self-esteem, mood and sexual activity. It is involved in various processes in the body - muscle cell growth, muscle mass buildup, bone strength, normalization of blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Stimulates metabolism, promotes the cardiovascular and reproductive systems, is responsible for prostate health and enhances libido.
For this reason, it is important to maintain free testosterone levels within the required healthy ranges, which vary by age and gender.

Nettle Max for Sport

In active athletes, levels of free testosterone are essential for achieving the desired athletic figure and muscle. It is active free testosterone that is a major participant in the processes of growth and muscle building, metabolism, formation and distribution of energy in the body.

Nettle Max acts as:

  • Helps to build lean muscle mass.
  • It facilitates the discharge of excess water from the body.
  • Assists in the process of burning fat.
  • Gives more energy, strength and endurance to the muscles. Increases the intensity of training.
  • Promotes metabolism, especially protein-carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Helps improve bone density and strength.

Nettle Max for Women

In quantitative terms, testosterone levels in women are many times lower than in men. The female body also synthesizes testosterone. However, as a result of the aromatase enzyme, much of it is converted to estrogen. Only a very small fraction is present in the body in the form of free testosterone. But, for both men and women, levels of free testosterone occupy an important place in the hormonal balance. It is important to maintain within the acceptable optimal (no higher than the upper and no lower than the lower) limits for the female body when there is an imbalance.

Nettle Max for Women Supports.

  • The proper functioning of the female hormonal system.
  • Normalizes the monthly cycle through its various stages.
  • Relieves irritability, apathy, depression and other mood swings.
  • Balances hormonal levels. This makes it suitable for intake of excess (over) estrogen production.

Nettle Max Intake

Take 2 (twice) twice daily 3 ml after meals. May be dissolved in water or fruit juice.
Reception period after opening the cap: 2 months.

Recommended combinations:
The most optimal effect is obtained with the combination of Nettle Max with testosterone boosters.
Taking various testosterone products aims to boost your own testosterone production. This in turn leads to the binding and conversion of much of the testosterone to inactive. By helping to increase free testosterone levels, Nettle Max virtually enhances and prolongs the effect of testosterone boosters.
* The product is not a medicine but a nutritional supplement.
* If side effects occur, stop taking immediately.
* If you suffer from a chronic condition, consult your doctor before use.

Nutrition Facts:

Ingredients: Nettle root, Water, Ethanol.
Doses in pack: 33.
Active substance: 14%
Single dose: 3 ml.
Content in One Dose:
Nettle roots - 140 mg.
Daily dose: 6 ml.
Content in Daily Dose:
Nettle roots - 280 mg.
Recommended daily intake: 2 ml 3 ml after meals. May be dissolved in water or fruit juice.
It combines very well with any type of testosterone booster.
Recommended intake period: For maximum results, it is advisable to take 3 months (12 weeks). After a rest period of about 2 weeks, the cycle may be repeated.