100% Whey Protein Matrix Isolate with Leuzea - Cherry Yogurt

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100% Whey Protein Matrix Isolate with Leuzea - Cherry Yogurt
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100% Whey Protein Matrix Isolate with Leuzea - Cherry Yogurt:

  • High absorption protein formula with Leuzea
  • Suitable intake for any sport
  • Suitable for non-athletes too
  • Increases sports performance 
  • The perfect addition to any diet
  • Ecdysterone enriched for better absorption

100% Whey Protein with Leuzea/Ecdysterone - Cherry Yogurt
800 g WPC formula
Food Supplement

100% Whey Protein with Leuzea/Ecdysterone - WPC Formula - Cherry Yogurt
Quantity: 800 g (1.76 lbs) 
 Nutrition Facts per 32 g per 100 g
Energy 122 kcal 381 kcal
Fats 5,08 g 15,89 g
of which saturated 3,44 g 10,75 g
Total carbohydrates 3,3 g 10,31 g
of which sugar 2,21 g 6,92 g
Proteins 22,5 g 70,32 g
Salt 0,05 g 0,15 g
Leuzea extract 200 mg 625 mg
Effect: Supports faster workout recovery.
Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate (80%), palm flat 26/10 (whey protein, refined palm oil, E451, E551, E306), aroma enhancer (glycine), creatine monohydrate, bulking agent (tapioca starch), flavorings (cherry & yogurt aromas), emulsifier (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), sweetener (sucralose, Na cyclamate, Multisweet S200), color (red beet powder), leuzea root (Leuzea carthamoides) extract.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, and protected from direct sunlight place with temperature up to 25°C. Keep out of reach from children!

*Suggested daily intake: Mix 1 scoop (32 g) with 250 ml cold water. As a food supplement, take 1 serving daily. On training days consume 1 serving 30 minutes after your workout. On non-workout days take one serving right after waking up. *Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. *Do not use if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. * Food supplements must not replace a balanced and variable diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Consult with your doctor before intake if you have an underlying medical condition or if you are on medication.

Allergen information: Made in a facility where eggs and nuts are used.