Declaration of privacy of personal details

Dear Visitors,

This Confidentiality policy has been designed to inform you of the method used by   Cvetita Herbal to handle your personal details as administrator, and the method by which you can control your preferences and settings in relation to data handling. Our team’s basic mission is to provide you with exhaustive and objective information related to any news, current events and other topics of public interest.

Our web page/ online shop has been organized in way that in principle enables you to visit us on the internet, without any need of identification or requirement for delivery of personal information. In order to find this statement easily, we provide access to it and it is located in the front page and at the bottom of each page.

  In all cases when you wish to have presentation of products and services for purchase, we would need information and this confidentiality statement gives a description of data collected and their use in these cases. This confidentiality statement is only valid for “Cvetita Herbal “.

 Your personal details provided will be used for your identification, i.e. name, address, e-mail, phone.  We do not collect personal information unless you declare specifically that you wish to make a purchase order for products. The users of this online shop are our customers and we protect their personal details.  We use these details to understand your needs and to provide better services. Further to the information you have provided when visiting our web site, we can also collect details automatically, including cookies, links, pages and the like.

  This information will be stores in our database to enable us to respond to any of your inquiries or to deliver the goods purchased to the address you have notified. Your personal details shall not be disclosed to any third parties, unless in the case of delivery of a product, you have purchased or any duly authorized representatives.  Underage persons shall not disclose their parents ‘personal details in the e-shop page without the permission of their parents and/or guardians.

“Cvetita Herbal” is a registered administrator of personal details pursuant to the Act for protection of personal details, with registration No. 416029.

“Cvetita Herbal” can guarantee its customers that their information and personal details shall be treated in a confidential manner.

   The information we collect to understand your demands and interests will help us make your visit consistent and customized, for example we can use your details to:

 help you complete the purchase order,
 inform you for products and services,
 present our services and  maintenance,
 advise you of any new services or goods,
 offer customized promotional quotes,
 select the content to be shown to you,
 process a purchase order payment.

For further details, kindly, refer to our "General Terms and Conditions"

Information that we handle when you visit our web site, “cookies” and social networks 

When you visit our web site,, whether or not you will decide to buy any product we offered, we could collect details for your way of using the site via the so-called “cookies”. Cookies are small text files saved by your computer or mobile device when you first visit our web site.

  Some of the cookies used are unconditionally needed for the performance of our web site (it would not function without these); other will be needed to help us improve the performance of our web site (these will only collect non-personalized information of the way the users make use of our web site, such as which parts of the web site are being visited mostly).  The abovementioned categories of cookies would not collect personal details.

Another part of the cookies used is aimed at improving the user’s experience when using the web site (these will save your preferences, such as language used, location, and font size). These would not track your navigation in different web pages.

The last category of cookies, the so-called “advertisement cookies” will collect information of your habits  when surfing in the Internet, including the sites you visited, so that we can offer new products which in our opinion would suitable for you (such as banners and etc. advertisements on the Facebook and other sites you visit). We make use of the last two categories of cookies based on our legitimate interest to find out the preferences of our customers that match best to their needs and wishes.

During your first visit to our web site, you have the possibility to allow use of all cookies (by explicitly agreeing or silently continue to navigate through our website) or you can define those cookies to which you have agreed to be used. Except for cookies that are unconditionally required for the performance of our website all remaining categories of cookies can be cancelled – for more details, please refer to our "Cookies policy” or visit us at Our web site can include features related to social media and networks, such as button for Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. These features can collect your details such as IP address and web pages you visit and can enable a “cookie „in order to set up proper feature.  Handling information via interaction with such features is governed by the corporate rules of confidentiality policies as represented by the feature.

How and whom we disclose your personal details

We do not sell your personal details to any third parties. We, in Cvetita Herbal EOOD, subject to compliance with the principle “need to know” only a limited staff number will have access to your personal information. These employees are bound by the obligation to treat your personal details confidentially. Further, appropriate technical and organizational measures have been applied to protect your personal details. The members of our team handle personal details subject to the guidelines of the company Cvetita Herbal, and to the extent, that such disclosure is required in relation to the performance of their duties. Personal details can be disclosed to any state and/or judicial authorities, if so provided for by the applicable law or to the extent required  to enable us enjoy our rights, including any rights as per the General terms and Conditions or for the protection of our legitimate interests (including third party’s legitimate interests), pursuant to the applicable law.

Your personal details can further be disclosed to any third parties, such as:
(а) suppliers of administrative, professional or technical services in support of information technologies (IT), security and maintenance  of  business resources,
(b) business partners, suppliers and sub/contractors employed towards the performance of the contract we have made with you,

(c)  Advertisers and advertising networks requiring information for you to be able to choose and offer suitable advertisements to you. We would not disclose information to our advertisers that can enable identification of individuals, what we disclose is summary information for our users (such as - we can inform them that 500 men aged below 30 have clicked on this advertisement within a single day).  We can use such summary information also to help advertisers reach a targeted group of population. To that effect, we can use information collected for you to be able to indicate our advertiser’s advertisement to the desired targeted group.

(d) suppliers of analytical services and search engines, helping us improve and optimize our web site
If so required, Cvetita Herbal  EOOD can disclose personal details to external consultants (for example lawyers, accountants, auditors).

“Cvetita Herbal” undertake not to edit or disclose any personal information, without the customers’ explicit prior agreement, except where they are required to do so subject to a procedure of the law.

Your rights

You have the right to request confirmation whether or not your personal details are being handles by us; request a copy of your personal details, and/or request so that you can amend these. In certain cases, you can have the right to require from deletion of personal details, or based on the transferability right, you can request us to transfer some of your details to you or any third parties. Further, you have the right to object against handling of your personal details (for example in the case of use and handling for the purposes of direct marketing or in case that specific decisions were made only by way of automatic handling (inclusive of profiling). Subject to a request from us for handling your personal details, you have the right to withdraw your consent without any adverse effects. You have the right to object also where we handled your personal details based on our legitimate interest (as explained herein above). You further have the right in certain circumstances, to limit the handling of your personal details.  Kindly pay attention that, your rights as specified above, can be limited in some cases and that these are subject to the applicable law for personal details protection, for example – your right to object against handling of your personal details can be limited, if we prove that, we have indisputable  legal rights to process your personal details, with precedence to your interests.  You shall have to acknowledge your identity and deliver additional details to help us respond to your request. Performance of your request does not necessitate payment of a fee, unless permitted by the law; in case that payment of a fee is required, such fee shall be in the reasonable range and shall be proportional to your request. If you wish to exercise your rights as above, kindly contact us via the contact details shown below. We do hope that we can reply to any of your queries in relation to the method of handling your personal details. However, you have the right to file a complaint to the competent authorities for protection of personal details.  You can file a claim in an EC member country at the location of your residence, employment or the place of such alleged violation of the personal details protection act. 

How long do we keep your personal details?

We intend to keep your personal details to the extend needed according to our Policy for data storage, however not longer than achieving the goals listed in these rules and/or as per the provisions of applicable law, including compliance with the applicable regulations related to minimum duration of storage and/or as required to enjoy our legitimate rights (or any third party rights).  Should you need further details regarding duration of personal data storage, kindly contact us at Kindly pay attention that, we can handle all your personal details that have been anonymized, without any further notification.

In case that we handle your personal details   based on consent, such personal details   will only be handled for the period of your consent, unless withdrawn and / or limited by prior to the expiry of this period. In these cases, we shall terminate the handling of the said personal details for the associated purposes, subject to compliance with the legal obligations related to personal data handling and/or any obligations arising out of the need to handle such personal details to enable achievement of our legitimate rights (including any third party rights).

Protection of your personal details
we keep your personal details   in our servers and servers hosted by third parties. We employ appropriate technical and organizational measures dedicated to the protection of your personal details and prevention of unauthorized access. We have valid contracts with suppliers of hosting services, which cover obligations of ensuring organizational and technical security of personal information. It is entirely your responsibility to keep all identification instruments confidential of (such as passwords) you use to log in to our web site. Data transmission over the Internet is not completely protected. Although we will do our best to protect your details, we cannot guarantee the security of your details transmitted via the web site; therefore, every transmission shall be solely at your risk. Upon receiving your details, we apply stringent procedures and features to prevent any unauthorized access.

Confidentiality of children’s personal details
Our web site does not collect deliberately any personal details of individuals aged below 16 years. If a parent or legal representative shall become aware, that his/her child has disclosed to us his/her personal details, such fact shall be advised promptly to us. If we find out that, a person aged below 16 has delivered his/her personal details, we shall destroy such information and delete it from our servers immediately, unless explicit consent has been provided by the parent/guardian for handling of such child’s personal details  for specific purposes.

Links to other websites

This statement referring to the protection of personal details shall be valid for our Cvetita Herbal e-shop. Our site can contain links to other suppliers and therefore we cannot assume any responsibility on their behalf in terms of protecting personal details. Cvetita Herbal does not control and/or cannot be responsible for the content, confidentiality policies, notifications or practices of any third party websites or services.

Kindly, upon leaving this site, be sure to inform yourself of the privacy statement of each site that may collect personal information. In case of changes in our policy for protection of personal details, such changes shall be announced in our site.

This policy constitutes part of the Terms of use for this site and as such, it shall be applied and interpreted in conformity with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

Contact details
Should you have any queries or ambiguities related to handling of your personal details, or should you wish to enjoy any of your rights, you can contact us at phone number: +359 988 393 509 or you can write to us to:

Latest update: May 24, 2018. We have the right to update this Privacy Policy at all times and such fact shall be advised to you via publication of the new rules on the website. If you have delivered your contact details to us or if you have given us the right to contact you, we can advise any significant change of this Policy. Kindly review these rules from time to time in view of future changes. .