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Phase 5
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Phase 5:

  • Deep sleep support
  • Helps with irritability and mental fatigue
  • Helps for the increasement of work performance
  • Has a positive effect on the nervous system
  • Helps for normalizing blood pressure

Phase 5
100ml. Hawthorn,Peppermint,Valeriana Extract

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Our intense and fast-paced everyday life often leads to exhaustion and fatigue that accumulate in our body. Thus, stress builds up in the body without us realizing it in the beginning. As time passes stress physically and mentally overworks the body and eventually, this could have a long-term effect on your health. Most often it targets the weakest point and thus it manifests differently in every person. But the bottom line is almost the same – decreased immunity, unreasonable strain and anxiety, sad mood, lack of confidence, even insomnia. Sometimes even resting is not enough. You need constant care in order for the body to relax and reboot its senses, every day.

What is Phase 5?

Phase 5 is a water-ethanol extract from peppermint, hawthorn, and valerian. Each of these three active substances helps for the normal function of certain processes in the body.

Peppermint has a mainly painkilling effect. It benefits the digestive system and respiratory paths. It relieves fatigue and aids the recovery processes in the body. Has a soothing effect on the inflammatory processes in the body.

Hawthorn is a plant known for its beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. It makes sure more oxygen reaches the heart, normalizes the heart rate and stabilizes blood pressure. It helps accelerate heart contractions. In this way, the heart pumps more blood and this improves blood flow. It relieves headache and helps with insomnia.

Valerian has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. It helps to relieve anxiety and has a relaxing effect on mental strains due to stress. It improves the sleep quality and overall balances the body.

Combined in a single extract – Phase 5 they boost the overall recovery and relaxation of the body.

How does the liquid extract Phase 5 help to relax and recover the body?

Phase 5 helps by neutralizing and calming multiple disorders such as irritability, physical and mental strain, anxiety, stress. It is important these symptoms to not be ignored in order to avoid more serious consequences for the body. Namely, sleep disorders and permanent insomnia. After all, sleep is very important for the whole body. When we sleep the body recovers and gathers strength. This is a natural process which is of significant importance for the proper function of the human body.

Phase 5 provides for a deep sleep by supplying the physical and mental health of the body by:

  • Benefits digestion and metabolism
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Improves blood flow
  • Decelerates the aging process
  • Stabilizes and boosts the immune defense of the body.
  • Relieves all disorders caused by physical and other stress
  • Normalizes blood pressure and pulse
  • Calms the body and activates the recovery processes
  • Aids the body in feeling healthy, strong and renewed
  • Increases work efficiency and creativity
  • Calms the spirit, boosts positivity and good mood

Phase 5 for sports:

In order to achieve a maximum effect from working out several factors are key: attrition, desire, correct eating and quick recovery of the body. In order to accelerate the muscle recovery process, it is very important to consume suitable food supplements and get enough sleep. Here is where Phase 5 is actively involved by:

  • relaxes the muscles and limbs
  • relieves fatigue and stress
  • reduces tension
  • activates the recovery processes

it is important to note that getting enough sleep stimulates the proper function of the whole hormonal system and more specifically the production of growth hormone. It is in the center of muscle development, muscle gain and achieving an athletic body.


For maximum recovery: it is enough to consume 3 ml before sleep.

Consumption period after opening: 2 months

The product is not a prescription medication, but a food supplement.

In case any side effects appear please cease intake immediately.

If you suffer from chronic illnesses please consult your physician prior use.

Phase 5 liquid herbal extract comes in a dark glass bottle and it is sealed with a cap.

It is stored in a dry and cool warehouse.
The product is manufactured according to ISO 9001.