Spiruline 100% Organic

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Spiruline 100% Organic
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Spiruline 100% Organic:

Main benefits of Spiruline intake:

  • 100 % Organic Spirulina – rich in plant protein, amino acids, vitamins, and chlorophyll.
  • Digestive system support
  • Has an antioxidant activity
  • Helps the detoxification of the organism
  • Satiety and appetite control support
  • Suitable for a balanced diet


100% Organic Spirulina

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What is Spirulina?

Single-celled blue-green algae, named Spirulina, are recognized as one of the largest potential sources of protein and other vital nutrients in plants.Spirulina is not a specific algae, but a term that refers to two specific bacteria - Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxim. The name spirulina is derived from the spiral form of the algae. Spirulina is one of the most popular vegan sources of protein. It is proteins that are the main active components in spirulina, and they determine its antioxidant properties and its ability to influence lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Spirulina underlies the action of three metaproteins - allophycocyanin, C-phycocainin and phycoerythrin.

Main benefits of Spiruline intake:

  • Helps maintain a permanently strong immune system
  • Has strong antioxidant effect.
  • Helps alleviate certain types of allergies
  • Gives energy and vitality
  • Disposes of accumulated toxins in the body
  • Supports the cardiovascular system and purifies the blood and the blood vessels.

Helps maintain stable and permanent immunity

The decline of immunity and the entry of bacteria are the main engine for the development of viruses and infections. Spirulina has a positive effect on the fight against various pathogens through its pronounced antiviral and immunostimulating action. Due to its valuable natural composition, Spirulina is a plant that is highly reactive against inflammatory processes in the body.Another proof of its valuable properties is that much of its chemical composition is pure protein. Spirulina acts as a natural immunostimulant, promotes the body's positive immune response and is a great source of amino acids.
In addition, Spirulina is a natural source of important minerals for the body - calcium and iron. Iron is a chemical element that is among the major components responsible for the transport and uptake of oxygen from cells and for tissue regeneration. Much of this mineral is involved in the processes of hemoglobin formation. Iron plays a major role in the transport of oxygen to all organs and tissues, ensuring their respiration.Calcium, in turn, is also one of the most important for the body and its amount, because it is known for its importance in maintaining bone mass and density. Calcium is an essential element whose presence plays an important role in maintaining bone density, enzymatic metabolism and blood clotting.

Helps digestive activity and maintain a balanced intestinal environment

Swelling, abdominal pain, and general stomach discomfort are a common problem that usually hides digestive disorders. Spirulina intake is thought to have a beneficial effect on digestive problems, flatulence (gas), nausea, heartburn, and more. Digestive activity is associated with many smaller, step-by-step processes, one of which is the excretion of digestive acid into the stomach (gastric juice).
Spirulina is believed to have the ability to positively promote this process and promote proper digestion. Due to the valuable substances contained, taking Spirulina as a nutritional supplement will help cure some gastrointestinal diseases due to indigestion.

What is a Spiruline product:

Ingredients: 100% organic spirulina.
Dosages in the pack: 100 tablets
One dose: 1 tablet
Daily dose: 3 tablets One dose: 500 mg - 100% organic spirulina Daily dose: 1500 mg - 100% organic spirulina
Recommended daily intake:3 times a day 1 ( one) tablet after a glass of water.
Recommended intake period: For maximum results, it is recommended to take up to 2 months (8 weeks). Required rest period after this cycle - minimum 2 (two) months.
Storage: Store in a dark, cool and out of the reach of children.
Benefits of taking Spiruline:
Helps maintain stable and permanent immunity;
Has a strong antioxidant effect;
Helps relieve certain types of allergies;
Gives energy and vitality;
Helps dispose of accumulated toxins in the body;
Works favorably on the cardiovascular system;
Helps to cleanse blood and blood vessels;
Rich composition of vegetable protein, amino acids, vitamins, iron and chlorophyll;
Assists digestive activity and maintains a balanced gut environment;
It gives a feeling of satiety and helps control appetite;
Facilitates adherence to a balanced diet;
Helps to lose weight and achieve the desired figure.
No preservatives and colorants added! No added sugar!

Ingredients: 100% organic spirulina.

Doses in the pack: 100 tablets

One dose tablet: 1 tablet

Daily dose: 3 tablets

In one dose: 500 mg - 100% organic spirulina

in Daily dose: 1500 mg - 100% organic spirulina

Recommended daily intake: 3 times a day 1 (one) tablet after eating with glass of water.

Recommended intake time: For maximum results, it is advisable to take up to 2 months (8 weeks). Required rest period after this cycle - minimum 2 (two) months.

Storage: Store in a dark, cool and inaccessible place.


Three times a day after eating.

Consumption period after opening: 2 months

The product is not a prescription medication, but a food supplement.

In case any side effects appear please cease intake immediately.

If you suffer from chronic illnesses please consult your physician prior use.

It is stored in a dry and cool warehouse. 

The product is manufactured according to ISO 9001.